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»MineBlox 1.9«

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not a cracked server so you will have to buy Minecraft if not already owned to play http://Minecraft.net

MineBlox is hosted by Shockbyte Cheap and Quality Hosting get you're own server [Here!]



Latest Features

Lime and Cyan Fireworks! (64)

$1.00 USD

Bursting Firery Fun!

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Head Trail

$5.00 USD

The Heads of Staff Drop on the Floor as You Walk By

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Guardian Angel (Custom Rank)

$30.00 USD

Comes with Custom Prefix/Suffix, Custom Particles, Custom Death sounds, and Custom Kill Effects (Comes with all cosmetics of Master, Mage, and Senpai except Effect and prefix)

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Senpai Rank

$5.00 USD

Comes with Prefix, Effect, Particles, and Death sounds

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